Volunteer Africa

Volunteer AfricaThe organization Volunteer Africa recruits volunteers from all over the World to go and help out in Africa. The more popular countries where volunteers come from are Great Britain, THe United States, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Holland. All volunteers are over the age of 18 and come from many different backgrounds. Volunteering is always common with people who have occupations that give them long periods of summer vacation – hence teachers and students will always be found on Volunteer camps. If you are interested in doing volunteer work in Africa, please take a look at VolunteerAfrica.org where you can find out how to apply now for work in 2015.

Here are some people who have been working in Africa in 2014:

Jane (Cambridge)

Jane (Cambridge)

Jane from Cambridge UK

Since I left college a long time ago I have been working doing web design work in and around Cambridge, which has been great fun. In late 2013 I got involved with some guys from Motorhome Freedom, a motorhomeĀ hire website. As a consequence of this I got to travel about a bit more than I have ever done. At first it was in the UK and then I was going to France, Italy and beyond. My appetite for travel became insatiable, so I looked at doing some volunteer work in Tanzania in the ‘dry season’ which was from May to October. The work was hard and the days were long, but appreciate everything about life so much more now. Although back in the UK everything seems very comfortable and easy, I just can’t wait to go out to Tanzania again. Highly recommended!